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Chief of Police Insignia


Supervises, directs, plans and monitors the work of Police Sergeants and Police Officers assigned to a shift of duty within a zone or unit of the Bureau of Police to preserve life and property, reduce/deter criminal activities, and enforce City, State and Federal laws.

Police Lt Insignia


Supervises, directs, plans and monitors the work of the branch to which he/she is assigned.

Assistant Chief of Police Insignia


Supervises and directs the daily activities of Police Officers and activities of an assigned unit or shift.

Police Sergeants Insignia


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Police Commanders Insignia
Training Academy

Scholorships & Tuition

Tuition reimbursement is offered to eligible employees of the City of Pittsburgh. In addition, the City partners with numerous area universities to provide special tuition discounts. Click the button below to view universities, programs offered and discount percentages.

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Training Opportunities

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